Universal 7x5" Headlight Semi Sealed Light With Park Lamp Socket

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Universal 7x5" Headlight Semi Sealed Light With Park Lamp Socket

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Brand New Replacement Headlight To Suit Many Different Makes And Models Of Cars, Utes And 4WDs.Such as Toyota Hiluxs / Hiaces, Nissan Navaras, Mitsubishi Tritons, Ford Couriers And Early Toyota Supras.These Can Be Used On Way Too Many Models To List So Please Don't Hesitate To Ask About Compatibility With Your Car.They are a replacement light for the 200mm x 142mm sealed beam lights, they do require a H4 bulb and they do also have provisions for a parker/Side light.
1982 Ford Courier|1983 Ford Courier| 1984 Ford Courier| 1985 Ford Courier| 1986 Ford Courier|1978 Ford Econovan|1979 Ford Econovan|1980 Ford Econovan|1981 Ford Econovan|1982 Ford Econovan|1983 Ford Econovan|1984 Ford Econovan|1985 Ford Econovan|1986 Ford Econovan|1987 Ford Econovan|1988 Ford Econovan|1980 Holden Gemini|1982 Holden Gemini|1983 Holden Gemini|1981 Holden Rodeo|1982 Holden Rodeo|1983 Holden Rodeo|1984 Holden Rodeo|1985 Holden Rodeo|1986 Holden Rodeo|1987 Holden Rodeo|1988 Holden Rodeo|1989 Holden Rodeo|1990 Holden Rodeo|1991 Holden Rodeo|1992 Holden Rodeo|1993 Holden Rodeo|1994 Holden Rodeo|1995 Holden Rodeo|1996 Holden Rodeo|1997 Holden Rodeo|1998 Holden Rodeo|1999 Holden Rodeo|2000 Holden Rodeo|2001 Holden Rodeo|2002 Holden Rodeo|2003 Holden Rodeo|1986 Honda Accord| 1987 Honda Accord|1988 Honda Accord|1989 Honda Accord|1986 Honda Accord|1987 Honda Accord|1988 Honda Accord|1989 Honda Accord|1986 Honda Integra|1987 Honda Integra|1988 Honda Integra| 1989 Honda Integra|1983 Honda Prelude|1984 Honda Prelude|1985 Honda Prelude|1986 Honda Prelude|1987 Honda Prelude|1988 Honda Prelude|1989 Honda Prelude|1990 Honda Prelude|1991 Honda Prelude|1989 Mazda 323|1990 Mazda 323|1991 Mazda 323|1992 Mazda 323|1993 Mazda 323|1994 Mazda 323|1981 Mazda E1400|1982 Mazda E1400|1983 Mazda E1400|1984 Mazda E1400| 1981 Mazda E1600|1982 Mazda E1600|1983 Mazda E1600|1984 Mazda E1600|1981 Mazda E1800|1982 Mazda E1800|1983 Mazda E1800|1984 Mazda E1800|1981 Mazda E2000|1982 Mazda E2000|1983 Mazda E2000|1984 Mazda E2000|1981 Mazda E2200|1982 Mazda E2200|1983 Mazda E2200|1984 Mazda E2200|1981 Mazda E2500|1982 Mazda E2500|1983 Mazda E2500|1984 Mazda E2500|1989 Mazda MX5|1990 Mazda MX5|1991 Mazda MX5|1992 Mazda MX5|1993 Mazda MX5|1993 Mazda MX5|1994 Mazda MX5|1995 Mazda MX5|1996 Mazda MX5|1997 Mazda MX5|1980 Mazda RX7|1981 Mazda RX7|1982 Mazda RX7|1983 Mazda RX7|1984 Mazda RX7|1985 Mazda RX7|1986 Mazda RX7|1987 Mazda RX7|1988 Mazda RX7|1989 Mazda RX7|1990 Mazda RX7|1991 Mazda RX7|1992 Mazda RX7|1986 Mitsubishi Triton|1987 Mitsubishi Triton| 1988 Mitsubishi Triton|1989 Mitsubishi Triton|1990 Mitsubishi Triton|1991 Mitsubishi Triton|1992 Mitsubishi Triton|1993 Mitsubishi Triton|1994 Mitsubishi Triton|1995 Mitsubishi Triton|1996 Mitsubishi Triton|1997 Mitsubishi Triton|1998 Mitsubishi Triton|1999 Mitsubishi Triton|2000 Mitsubishi Triton|2001 Mitsubishi Triton|2002 Mitsubishi Triton|2003 Mitsubishi Triton|2004 Mitsubishi Triton| 1985 Toyota Hiace|1986 Toyota Hiace|1987 Toyota Hiace|1988 Toyota Hiace|1989 Toyota Hiace|1990 Toyota Hiace|1991 Toyota Hiace|1992 Toyota Hiace|1993 Toyota Hiace|1994 Toyota Hiace|1995 Toyota Hiace|1996 Toyota Hiace|1997 Toyota Hiace|1998 Toyota Hiace|1999 Toyota Hiace|2000 Toyota Hiace|2001 Toyota Hiace|2002 Toyota Hiace|2003 Toyota Hiace|2004 Toyota Hiace|2005 Toyota Hiace|1981 Toyota Hilux|1982 Toyota Hilux|1983 Toyota Hilux|1984 Toyota Hilux|1985 Toyota Hilux|1986 Toyota Hilux|1987 Toyota Hilux|1988 Toyota Hilux|1989 Toyota Hilux|1990 Toyota Hilux|1991 Toyota Hilux|1992 Toyota Hilux|1993 Toyota Hilux|1994 Toyota Hilux|1995 Toyota Hilux|1996 Toyota Hilux|1997 Toyota Hilux|1998 Toyota Hilux|1999 Toyota Hilux|2000 Toyota Hilux|2001 Toyota Hilux|2002 Toyota Hilux|2003 Toyota Hilux|2004 Toyota Hilux|2005 Toyota Hilux|1986 Toyota Liteace|1987 Toyota Liteace|1988 Toyota Liteace|1989 Toyota Liteace|1990 Toyota Liteace|1991 Toyota Liteace|1992 Toyota Liteace|1987 Toyota MR2|1988 Toyota MR2|1989 Toyota MR2|1990 Toyota MR2|1991 Toyota MR2|1992 Toyota MR2|1993 Toyota MR2|1994 Toyota MR2|1995 Toyota MR2|1996 Toyota MR2|1997 Toyota MR2|1998 Toyota MR2|1999 Toyota MR2|1981 Toyota Supra|1982 Toyota Supra|1983 Toyota Supra|1984 Toyota Supra|1985 Toyota Supra|1986 Toyota Supra|1987 Toyota Supra|1988 Toyota Supra|1989 Toyota Supra|1990 Toyota Supra|1991 Toyota Supra|1992 Toyota Supra|78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05

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Front & Rear N/A
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Location on Vehicle Front
Brand Replacement
Item Finish Standard
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Make Universal
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