Headlights Crystal Semi-Sealed Universal Lamps 7" Inch

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7" Inch Headlights Crystal Semi-Sealed Universal Lamps

Suit Many Different Makes And Models Of Cars Utes And 4WDs. Such as Toyota Landcruiser, Nissan Patrol, Mini, Holden, Ford. Please contact us to confirm fitment to your vehicle if you are unsure.They are Semi Sealed Replacement and Great Upgrade for 7 Inch Round Sealed Beam Headlights. The Lamps Do Require H4 Globes.

1962 Nissan Patrol|1963 Nissan Patrol|1964 Nissan Patrol|1965 Nissan Patrol|1966 Nissan Patrol|1967 Nissan Patrol|1968 Nissan Patrol|1969 Nissan Patrol|1970 Nissan Patrol|1971 Nissan Patrol|1972 Nissan Patrol|1973 Nissan Patrol|1973 Nissan Patrol|1975 Nissan Patrol|1976 Nissan Patrol|1977 Nissan Patrol|1978 Nissan Patrol|1979 Nissan Patrol|1980 Nissan Patrol|1981 Nissan Patrol|1982 Nissan Patrol|1983 Nissan Patrol|1984 Nissan Patrol|1985 Nissan Patrol|1986 Nissan Patrol|1987 Nissan Patrol|1988 Nissan Patrol|1989 Nissan Patrol|1990 Nissan Patrol|1991 Nissan Patrol|1992 Nissan Patrol|1993 Nissan Patrol|1994 Nissan Patrol|1995 Nissan Patrol|1995 Nissan Patrol|1996 Nissan Patrol|1997 Nissan Patrol|1962 Toyota Landcruiser|1963 Toyota Landcruiser|1964 Toyota Landcruiser|1965 Toyota Landcruiser|1966 Toyota Landcruiser|1967 Toyota Landcruiser|1968 Toyota Landcruiser|1969 Toyota Landcruiser|1970 Toyota Landcruiser|1971 Toyota Landcruiser|1972 Toyota Landcruiser|1973 Toyota Landcruiser|1973 Toyota Landcruiser|1975 Toyota Landcruiser|1976 Toyota Landcruiser|1977 Toyota Landcruiser|1978 Toyota Landcruiser|1979 Toyota Landcruiser|1980 Toyota Landcruiser|1981 Toyota Landcruiser|1982 Toyota Landcruiser|1983 Toyota Landcruiser|1984 Toyota Landcruiser|1985 Toyota Landcruiser|1986 Toyota Landcruiser|1987 Toyota Landcruiser|1988 Toyota Landcruiser|1989 Toyota Landcruiser|1990 Toyota Landcruiser|1991 Toyota Landcruiser|1992 Toyota Landcruiser|1993 Toyota Landcruiser|1994 Toyota Landcruiser|1995 Toyota Landcruiser|1995 Toyota Landcruiser|1996 Toyota Landcruiser|1997 Toyota Landcruiser|1962 Datsun Patrol|1963 Datsun Patrol|1964 Datsun Patrol|1965 Datsun Patrol|1966 Datsun Patrol|1967 Datsun Patrol|1968 Datsun Patrol|1969 Datsun Patrol|1970 Datsun Patrol|1971 Datsun Patrol|1972 Datsun Patrol|1973 Datsun Patrol|1973 Datsun Patrol|1975 Datsun Patrol|1976 Datsun Patrol|1977 Datsun Patrol|1978 Datsun Patrol|1979 Datsun Patrol|1980 Datsun Patrol|1981 Datsun Patrol|1982 Datsun Patrol|1983 Datsun Patrol|1984 Datsun Patrol|1971 Ford Cortina|1972 Ford Cortina|1973 Ford Cortina|1973 Ford Cortina|1975 Ford Cortina|1976 Ford Cortina|1977 Ford Cortina|1971 Ford F100|1972 Ford F100|1973 Ford F100|1973 Ford F100|1975 Ford F100|1976 Ford F100|1977 Ford F100|1978 Ford F100|1979 Ford F100|1980 Ford F100|1981 Ford F100|1971 Ford F150|1972 Ford F150|1973 Ford F150|1973 Ford F150|1975 Ford F150|1976 Ford F150|1977 Ford F150|1978 Ford F150|1979 Ford F150|1980 Ford F150|1981 Ford F150|1971 Ford F250|1972 Ford F250|1973 Ford F250|1973 Ford F250|1975 Ford F250|1976 Ford F250|1977 Ford F250|1978 Ford F250|1979 Ford F250|1980 Ford F250|1981 Ford F250|1971 Ford F350|1972 Ford F350|1973 Ford F350|1973 Ford F350|1975 Ford F350|1976 Ford F350|1977 Ford F350|1978 Ford F350|1979 Ford F350|1980 Ford F350|1981 Ford F350|1971 Ford FAIRLANE|1972 Ford FAIRLANE|1973 Ford FAIRLANE|1973 Ford FAIRLANE|1975 Ford FAIRLANE|1976 Ford FAIRLANE|1977 Ford FAIRLANE|1978 Ford FAIRLANE|1979 Ford FAIRLANE|1966 Ford FALCON|1967 Ford FALCON|1968 Ford FALCON|1969 Ford FALCON|1970 Ford FALCON|1971 Ford FALCON|1972 Ford FALCON|1973 Ford FALCON|1973 Ford FALCON|1975 Ford FALCON|1976 Ford FALCON|1977 Ford FALCON|1978 Ford FALCON|1979 Ford FALCON|1980 Ford FALCON|1981 Ford FALCON|1966 Ford FAIRMONT|1967 Ford FAIRMONT|1968 Ford FAIRMONT|1969 Ford FAIRMONT|1970 Ford FAIRMONT|1971 Ford FAIRMONT|1972 Ford FAIRMONT|1973 Ford FAIRMONT|1973 Ford FAIRMONT|1975 Ford FAIRMONT|1976 Ford FAIRMONT|1977 Ford FAIRMONT|1978 Ford FAIRMONT|1979 Ford FAIRMONT|1980 Ford FAIRMONT|1981 Ford FAIRMONT|1988 Ford MAVERICK|1989 Ford MAVERICK|1990 Ford MAVERICK|1991 Ford MAVERICK|1992 Ford MAVERICK|1993 Ford MAVERICK|1994 Ford MAVERICK|1964 Ford MUSTANG|1965 Ford MUSTANG|1966 Ford MUSTANG|1967 Ford MUSTANG|1968 Ford MUSTANG|1969 Ford MUSTANG|1970 Ford MUSTANG|1971 Ford MUSTANG|1972 Ford MUSTANG|1973 Ford MUSTANG|1973 Ford MUSTANG|1975 Ford MUSTANG|1976 Ford MUSTANG|1977 Ford MUSTANG|1978 Ford MUSTANG|1979 Ford MUSTANG|1980 Ford MUSTANG|1981 Ford MUSTANG|1975 Holden Belmont|1976 Holden Belmont|1977 Holden Belmont|1975 Holden Kingswood|1976 Holden Kingswood|1977 Holden Kingswood|1978 Holden Kingswood|1979 Holden Kingswood|1980 Holden Kingswood|1975 1 Tonne|1976 1 Tonne|1977 1 Tonne|1978 1 Tonne|1979 1 Tonne|1980 1 Tonne|1981 1 Tonne|1982 1 Tonne|1983 1 Tonne|1984 1 Tonne|1985 1 Tonne|1975 Holden Caprice|1976 Holden Caprice|1977 Holden Caprice|1978 Holden Caprice|1979 Holden Caprice|1980 Holden Caprice|1981 Holden Caprice|1982 Holden Caprice|1983 Holden Caprice|1984 Holden Caprice|1985 Holden Caprice|1975 1 Tonner|1976 One Tonner|1977 One Tonner|1978 One Tonner|1979 One Tonner|1980 One Tonner|1981 One Tonner|1982 One Tonner|1983 One Tonner|1984 One Tonner|1985 One Tonner |1975 Holden Sandman|1976 Holden Sandman|1977 Holden Sandman|1978 Holden Sandman|1979 Holden Sandman|1980 Holden Sandman|1975 Holden Statesman|1976 Holden Statesman|1977 Holden Statesman|1978 Holden Statesman|1979 Holden Statesman|1981 Holden Jackaroo|1982 Holden Jackaroo|1983 Holden Jackaroo|1984 Holden Jackaroo|1985 Holden Jackaroo|1986 Holden Jackaroo|1987 Holden Jackaroo|1962 Land Rover|1963 Land Rover|1964 Land Rover|1965 Land Rover|1966 Land Rover|1967 Land Rover|1968 Land Rover|1969 Land Rover|1970 Land Rover|1971 Land Rover|1972 Land Rover|1973 Land Rover|1973 Land Rover|1975 Land Rover|1976 Land Rover|1977 Land Rover|1978 Land Rover|1979 Land Rover|1980 Land Rover|1981 Land Rover|1982 Land Rover|1983 Land Rover|1984 Land Rover|1985 Land Rover|1986 Land Rover|1987 Land Rover|1988 Land Rover|1989 Land Rover|1990 Land Rover|1991 Land Rover|1992 Land Rover|1993 Land Rover|1994 Land Rover|1995 Land Rover|1995 Land Rover|1996 Land Rover|1997 Land Rover|1988 Ford Maverick|1989 Ford Maverick|1990 Ford Maverick|1991 Ford Maverick|1992 Ford Maverick|1993 Ford Maverick|1994 Ford Maverick|61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00


Lights Do Not Have Provision For A Park Light Bulb
*H4 Globes Are Not Included

Brand Aftermarket
Shipping Weight 1.3500kg

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