Holden Commodore Water Pump VB VC & HT HG HJ HQ HZ WB 202 186

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Holden HT HG HJ HQ HZ WB & Commodore VB VC Water Pump

Brand New Water Pump With Gasket To Suit
-Holden HT HG HJ HQ HZ WB 2.6Ltr 2.8Ltr 3.0Ltr 3.3Ltr 5/69 - 12/85
-Holden Commodor VB VC 2.8Ltr 3.3Ltr 11/78 - 9/81
-Holden Tora LC LJ LH LX UC 2.3 Ltr 2.6Ltr 2.8Ltr 3.3Ltr 1/70 - 9/79
1969 Holden 1 Tonne|1970 Holden 1 Tonner|1971 Holden 1 Tonne|1972 Holden 1 Tonne|1973 Holden 1 Tonne|1974 Holden 1 Tonne|1875 Holden 1 Tonne|1976 Holden 1 Tonne|1977 Holden 1 Tonne|1978 Holden 1 Tonne|1979 Holden 1 Tonne|1980 Holden 1 Tonne|1981 Holden 1 Tonne|1982 Holden 1 Tonne|1983 Holden 1 Tonne|1984 Holden 1 Tonne|1985 Holden 1 Tonne|1969 Holden belmont|1970 Holden belmontr|1971 Holden belmont|1972 Holden belmont|1973 Holden belmont|1974 Holden belmont|1875 Holden belmont|1976 Holden belmont|1977 Holden belmont|1978 Holden belmont|1979 Holden belmont|1980 Holden belmont|1981 Holden belmont|1982 Holden belmont|1983 Holden belmont|1984 Holden belmont|1985 Holden belmont|1969 Holden brougham|1970 Holden broughamr|1971 Holden brougham|1972 Holden brougham|1973 Holden brougham|1974 Holden brougham|1875 Holden brougham|1976 Holden brougham|1977 Holden brougham|1978 Holden brougham|1979 Holden brougham|1980 Holden brougham|1981 Holden brougham|1982 Holden brougham|1983 Holden brougham|1984 Holden brougham|1985 Holden brougham|1969 Holden One Tonner|1970 Holden One Tonnerr|1971 Holden One Tonner|1972 Holden One Tonner|1973 Holden One Tonner|1974 Holden One Tonner|1875 Holden One Tonner|1976 Holden One Tonner|1977 Holden One Tonner|1978 Holden One Tonner|1979 Holden One Tonner|1980 Holden One Tonner|1981 Holden One Tonner|1982 Holden One Tonner|1983 Holden One Tonner|1984 Holden One Tonner|1985 Holden One Tonner|1969 Holden Premier|1970 Holden Premierr|1971 Holden Premier|1972 Holden Premier|1973 Holden Premier|1974 Holden Premier|1875 Holden Premier|1976 Holden Premier|1977 Holden Premier|1978 Holden Premier|1979 Holden Premier|1980 Holden Premier|1981 Holden Premier|1982 Holden Premier|1983 Holden Premier|1984 Holden Premier|1985 Holden Premier|Holden WB|1977 Holden WB|1978 Holden WB|1979 Holden WB|1980 Holden WB|1981 Holden WB|1982 Holden WB|1983 Holden WB|1984 Holden WB|1985 Holden WB|1978 Holden COMMODORE|1979 Holden COMMODORE|1980 Holden COMMODORE|1981 Holden COMMODORE|1978 Holden BERLINA|1979 Holden BERLINA|1980 Holden BERLINA|1981 Holden BERLINA|1978 Holden CALAIS|1979 Holden CALAIS|1980 Holden CALAIS|1981 Holden CALAIS|1969 Holden Kingswood|1970 Holden Kingswoodr|1971 Holden Kingswood|1972 Holden Kingswood|1973 Holden Kingswood|1974 Holden Kingswood|1875 Holden Kingswood|1976 Holden Kingswood|1977 Holden Kingswood|1978 Holden Kingswood|1979 Holden Kingswood|1980 Holden Kingswood|1981 Holden Kingswood|1982 Holden Kingswood|1983 Holden Kingswood|1984 Holden Kingswood|1985 Holden Kingswood|1970 Holden Torana|1971 Holden Torana|1972 Holden Torana|1973 Holden Torana|1974 Holden Torana|1975 Holden Torana|1976 Holden Torana|1977 Holden Torana|1978 Holden Torana|1979 Holden Torana| 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85


A direct replacement for the orignal pump
Please note this has the short shaft 10mm from the top of hub face
Quality Tru-Flow water pump
Brand Tru-Flow
Shipping Cubic 1.200000m3

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