Commodore Centre Bearing VB VC VH VK VL VN VP VR VS VT Holden 78-00 Models

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VB VC VH VK VL VN VP VR VS VT Commodore Centre Bearing

Brand New Replacement Tailshaft Centre Bearing To Suit Holden VB, VC, VH, VK, VL, VG, VN, VP, VR, VS & VT Commodore Sedan, Wagon and Ute Models From 11/78 - 9/00
1979 Holden Commodore|1980 Holden Commodore|1981 Holden Commodore|1982 Holden Commodore|1983 Holden Commodore|1984 Holden Commodore|1985 Holden Commodore|1986 Holden Commodore|1987 Holden Commodore|1988 Holden Commodore|1989 Holden Commodore|1990 Holden Commodore|1991 Holden Commodore|1992 Holden Commodore|1993 Holden Commodore|1994 Holden Commodore|1995 Holden Commodore|1996 Holden Commodore|1997 Holden Commodore|1998 Holden Commodore|1999 Holden Commodore|2000 Holden Commodore|1988 Holden Ute|1989 Holden Ute|1990 Holden Ute|1991 Holden Ute|1992 Holden Ute|1993 Holden Ute|1994 Holden Ute|1995 Holden Ute|1996 Holden Ute|1997 Holden Ute|1998 Holden Ute|1999 Holden Ute|2000 Holden Ute|1979 Holden SS|1980 Holden SS|1981 Holden SS|1982 Holden SS|1983 Holden SS|1984 Holden SS|1985 Holden SS|1986 Holden SS|1987 Holden SS|1988 Holoden SS|1989 Holoden SS|1990 Holoden SS|1991 Holoden SS|1992 Holoden SS|1993 Holoden SS|1994 Holoden SS|1995 Holoden SS|1996 Holoden SS|1997 Holoden SS|1998 Holoden SS|1999 Holoden SS|2000 Holoden SS|1988 Holden VG|1989 Holden VG|1990 Holden VG|1991 Holden VG|1992 Holden VG|1979 Holden 1 Tonne|1980 Holden 1 Tonne|1981 Holden 1 Tonne|1982 Holden 1 Tonne|1983 Holden 1 Tonne|1984 Holden 1 Tonne|1985 Holden 1 Tonne|1986 Holden 1 Tonne|1987 Holden 1 Tonne|1988 Holden 1 Tonne|1989 Holden 1 Tonne|1990 Holden 1 Tonne|1991 Holden 1 Tonne|1992 Holden 1 Tonne|1993 Holden 1 Tonne|1994 Holden 1 Tonne|1995 Holden 1 Tonne|1996 Holden 1 Tonne|1997 Holden 1 Tonne|1979 Holden Berlina|1980 Holden Berlina|1981 Holden Berlina|1982 Holden Berlina|1983 Holden Berlina|1984 Holden Berlina|1985 Holden Berlina|1986 Holden Berlina|1987 Holden Berlina|1988 Holden Berlina|1989 Holden Berlina|1990 Holden Berlina|1991 Holden Berlina|1992 Holden Berlina|1993 Holden Berlina|1994 Holden Berlina|1995 Holden Berlina|1996 Holden Berlina|1997 Holden Berlina|1998 Holden Berlina|1999 Holden Berlina|2000 Holden Berlina|1979 Holden Brock|1980 Holden Brock|1981 Holden Brock|1982 Holden Brock|1983 Holden Brock|1984 Holden Brock|1985 Holden Brock|1986 Holden Brock|1987 Holden Brock|1988 Holden Brock|1989 Holden Brock|1990 Holden Brock|1991 Holden Brock|1992 Holden Brock|1993 Holden Brock|1994 Holden Brock|1995 Holden Brock|1996 Holden Brock|1997 Holden Brock|1979 Holden Calais|1980 Holden Calais|1981 Holden Calais|1982 Holden Calais|1983 Holden Calais|1984 Holden Calais|1985 Holden Calais|1986 Holden Calais|1987 Holden Calais|1988 Holden Calais|1989 Holden Calais|1990 Holden Calais|1991 Holden Calais|1992 Holden Calais|1993 Holden Calais|1994 Holden Calais|1995 Holden Calais|1996 Holden Calais|1997 Holden Calais|1998 Holden Calais|1999 Holden Calais|2000 Holden Calais|1979 Holden Caprice|1980 Holden Caprice|1981 Holden Caprice|1982 Holden Caprice|1983 Holden Caprice|1984 Holden Caprice|1985 Holden Caprice|1986 Holden Caprice|1987 Holden Caprice|1988 Holden Caprice|1989 Holden Caprice|1990 Holden Caprice|1991 Holden Caprice|1992 Holden Caprice|1993 Holden Caprice|1994 Holden Caprice|1995 Holden Caprice|1996 Holden Caprice|1997 Holden Caprice|1979 Holden Monaro|1980 Holden Monaro|1981 Holden Monaro|1982 Holden Monaro|1983 Holden Monaro|1984 Holden Monaro|1985 Holden Monaro|1986 Holden Monaro|1987 Holden Monaro|1988 Holden Monaro|1989 Holden Monaro|1990 Holden Monaro|1991 Holden Monaro|1992 Holden Monaro|1993 Holden Monaro|1994 Holden Monaro|1995 Holden Monaro|1996 Holden Monaro|1997 Holden Monaro|1998 Holden Monaro|1999 Holden Monaro|2000 Holden Monaro|1979 Holden Statesman|1980 Holden Statesman|1981 Holden Statesman|1982 Holden Statesman|1983 Holden Statesman|1984 Holden Statesman|1985 Holden Statesman|1986 Holden Statesman|1987 Holden Statesman|1988 Holden Statesman|1989 Holden Statesman|1990 Holden Statesman|1991 Holden Statesman|1992 Holden Statesman|1993 Holden Statesman|1994 Holden Statesman|1995 Holden Statesman|1996 Holden Statesman|1997 Holden Statesman| 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00


A Direct Replacement For The Original Centre Bearing
Will Not Fit WH, VU or VX Models
Inner Bearing Diamter Is 30mm
Carrier Circumference Is 94mm
Brand Aftermarket
Shipping Cubic 0.810000m3

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